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[Grand Theft Auto: Kington]

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The [Grand Theft Auto: Kington] Project
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This project is collated by a group of young people from Herefordshire hoping to create the ultimate Grand Theft Auto parody for their own town: Dubbed GTA: Kington, the object of this exercise is to deisgn the blueprints for the best game never made, using real locations and people but warping them to form a crazed, humourous living city a la previous GTA installments (for example, can you imagine a dress-wearing Jez touting his wares outside Hannibal Liquor off-licence as a rent-boy to the owner of Cluckin' Bell Casino for non-payment of debts?). The aim is design the characters, locations, missions and ideas that would be put into the game, were it to be made, complete with subtle humour and clever in-jokes.

Many of the ideas used in the 'game' are lovingly parodied from the GTA series, Rockstar Games and DMA Design/Rockstar North. The others are visualised by Zinar7 and the members of this community.

Do you have a warped sense of humour and a love for a cunning mixture of parody and mindless violence? Can you imagine Kington as the backdrop for an imaginary Grand Theft Auto game, complete with airport, ludicrous inhabitants and storylines? Do you live in Kington? Then come on in, there's plenty of room...