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Progress So Far... - [Grand Theft Auto: Kington]

About Progress So Far...

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I've now done some more on it, with some more shops, music and vehicles. Also pretty much finished the maps, and have some ideas in hand for missions and other useless guff. Anyway, as usual, it's a big cut:

Grand Theft Auto: Kington

-Based on a parody of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series of games, many ideas are lovingly plundered from said games. Others are imagined by the author and make no resemblance to any person(s) living or dead. Any resemblance to such person(s) is purely coincedental. If the content within offends you (though I don't it will), the author lays himself down and apologises profusely, as it was not his intention. Many thanks, and enjoy...-


Spencer has just gotten out of Wormwood Scrubs prison, after three years for fraud and sexual deviance. Bereft of money, friends, a job, a home and a life, he heads for the countryside. Heading East, he eventually stumbled on Wales. Terrified, he turns back, and comes across a little rural community called Kington. Sick of being someone else's prison bitch, he decides to start on his own path to the top of gangsterdom in this small town, playing other gangs off against each other until he's calling all the shots, supreme atop his throne as the 'Kington Pimp'. Through committal of numerous nefarious crimes, whackings and territory wars, Spencer has to build up his own gang from scratch and take on the mights of the Eardisley Mafia and the Gravel Hill Drivers to become the leader of the biggest gang in the whole of the Kington area, running the town from underneath the table...

[The Joint:]

[The Usual Suspects:]

Spencer Johnson [aka Spanner]- Just arrived in town. Scheming, devilish and metrosexual, this guy is delusional, somewhat unpredictable and has a soft spot for gambling. Naive. Watch your backs, literally.

Jim Fentonioni [aka Gime] - Mouthpiece of the Eardisley Mafia, and son of head honcho Mrs. Fentonioni. Currently hiding out from Pervy Fred's gang the Tricksters in a cottage just outside Titley. Involved in coffee-running and race-fixing.

Jeremy Hannibal [aka Jez] - Manager of local off-licence Hannibal Liquor, and is running up serious gambling debts after a series of heavy losses at Cluckin' Bell Casino. Nervous, and shows his hand too quickly.

Nic Verona - Owner of Cluckin' Bell Casino, a front for his highly lucrative escort service The Seven Veils. Loud, wild and with a penchant for fast cars and fast women, you have to get up very early in the morning to catch him. Or late at night...

Lyndon Carrasco [aka Bridge] - Racist, sexist, antisemitic, anti-disabled and anti-gay, he's Kington's Nazi ringleader, and as proprietor of Ammu-Nation is the owner of more guns than brain cells. A dangerous combination. Leader of what's become known as the Gravel Hill Drive gang.

David Judas [aka Toasty] - Head of the local constabulary, but dinstinctly corrupt and a keen gambler. Has hands in several pies, mostly apple-related. Responsible for both the increase in police spending on doughnuts and increase in crime.

Emlyn 'Goliath' Troy - Lead guitarist of world-conquering rock band Sepulmonkey and host of radio show K-Metal, Goliath is adored across the globe for his ten-minute solos, gold discs and Jack Daniels on tap. Trustworthy in a tight spot.

Sarah Lopez - Owner (and distributor) of Ku Klux Kones, and the apple of everyone's eyes in a purple leopardskin catsuit, and hood, and wonderfully exuberant bouffant hair. Often found cruising for business with a jingle to the tune of the Pink Panther, with scores of children chasing a speeding ice-cream van across town.

Tom Whyte - Owner of the downtown Pay 'N' Spray, and a regular gambler. Also major organiser of the annual Kington Show, and is often accused (and with good reason) of fixing races. Handy with a wrench, and not unknown to toss a spanner...

Simon 'Havok' Armstrong - DJ on local radio station Radio: x and owner of Havok Sounds recording studio. Major gambler, and loan shark to many of Kington's inhabitants. Good with a pistol in a tight situation.

Pippa Garcia - Works part time at Cluckin' Bell Casino, and at weekends as awaitress at The Ten Camels pub in main street Titley. Saving to fund both her university fees and gambling problem, she's an major player in The Camel's Toe gang. A temptress, if ever there was one...

Olli Rothwell [aka Switch]- An undercover hacker operating from a flat above Hannibal Liquor, he's guilty over fifty internet crimes, mostly involving young girls and/or small rodents. Want to find him? Follow the flowing locks...

Eddie 'Jolly' Rogers - An unassuming waiter at Swashbucker's Diner. Sick of his job and sick of life, he's wild, unpredictable, and a reluctant epileptic. Just hope he's not in charge of a cutlass at the time...

Carl Knuckles - Storekeeper and owner of the Inside Track betting shop, he's an introvert A-Team geek, with hordes of explosives to match. Bitter than Cluckin' Bell reins in more business, he's nearly at the end of his tether. And a man with 20 tonnes of Semtex, a grudge and a lighter shaped like Mr. T at the end of his tether can't be good...

Pervy Fred - Head of Eardisley gang The Tricksters and owner of Pervy Fred's Perv Emporium. A known ex-hitman and coffee-runner, he's primarily known for a number of gangland killings, notably of Mr. Fentonioni (the previous Eardisley Mafia leader, by tripping him up with a garden hose, using the Vulcan Death Grip and running away), and for preying on young girls. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Mrs. Fentonioni - Head honcho of the Eardisley Mafia (after the late departure of her husband Mr. Fentonioni, after discovering him on the doorstep having apparently been given the Vulcan Death Grip by a gnome), and the best pitta bread in Kington. Runs pretty much the whole of Eardisley by herself. Distinctly 'Sicilian', with a hint of 'Brilley' thrown in for good in-bred measure.

Harry Shearer - Owner of a potato farm on the outskirts of Titley, he's crazed, old, man with an udder fetish. Bearded, psychotic and mildly anaesthethic, his main interest remains selling moonshine from his distillery and abusing farmyard animals, usually after sampling his 95% proof whiskey. Fond of yoga.

Ruth Deportiva [aka Ruthiepie] - Undercover seductress for the FBI, she's infiltrated Kington by posing as a lowly shop assistant in Eardisley's Comic Book Store. However, with gangleaders such as Pervy Fred, Jim Fentonioni and Nic Verona having an unhealthy interest in all things 2Dimensional and superhero-related, she's in a more powerful position than you realise...

Ralph Harmison - Owner (and chief geek) of the Comic Book Store, Eardisley, and fanatical 80's TV fiend. Friend and associate of Inside Track owner Carl Knuckles for their A-Team fixations, and for social events. Thick as thieves, those two.

[Prime Spots:]


Cluckin' Bell Casino (1) - Located in the sophisticated commerical district on the outskirts of Kington. Owned by Nic Verona, lures in thousands of Kington's males (and their wallets) not only for the poker tables but also The Seven Veils escort service.

Ammu-Nation (2) - Located in downtown Kington, and supplier of guns, weapons and armour of all sorts. Find your back against a wall with a hundred, groaning, lepers closing in, head for this place. For all your daily firearm needs.

Pay 'N' Spray (3) - Located in the industrial sector of Kington, they offer a variety of paint jobs, numberplate changes and serial number removal. Need to shake off a cop pretty sharpish? Head here and hope you're in their good books...

Hannibal Liquor (4) - Located in downtown Kington, and purveyor of every alcoholic substance known to man and beast. Racks of rum, truckloads of tequila and scores of sangria, and with Jeremy's tinder-like frame and Olli's flammable locks living upstairs, it's like on big molotov cocktail. Just without the explosive wit...

Sweet Truck Haul (5) - Located in Kington's industrial sector, this haulage firm handles a few large tankers, and own several warehouses. Great if you need a place to hide from some snoopy cops or stash some dodgy merhandise, or just need to grab a Yorkie...

KTPD (Kington Town Police Department) (6) - Kington's local Police Station, and Dominguez's Pizza's biggest source of revenue. With Police Constable Dave Judas in charge, it's less productive than a monkeys with a sackful of bananas. Get yourself Busted (not the band) and you might wake up here, bereft of weapons and probably low on cash. In trouble with the law? Well, just keep away from the Benny Hill tune siren and you'll be fine...

FDKT (Fire Department: Kington Town) (7) - Kington's resident Fire Station, ready and available to handle any fire, tackle any blaze or fight any flames they might come across. If they don't get distracted by the sandwich shop across the road, that is.

Kington Medical Centre (8) - Located in the downtown of Kington, this place serves the whole of the Kington's wounded, sick and ill. Find yourself Wasted and you'll probably end up, revived, here. Offering some of the worst care and dirtiest wards in the country, you could wake up somewhere worse. Not many places worse, granted...

Cleveland Steamer Railroad (9) - Running all across the country, this company serves the Kington area's biggest population centres, providing a lunchtime-only service between Kington and Eardisley. Located in the industrial sector of Kington and commerce district of Eardisley, just head for the steam.

Screw U Hardware (10) - Tooling up the whole of Kington with a massive array of hammers, chainsaws and bits-of-wood-with-nails-in, this family company are fully stocked up to open up a whole new world of whacking methods for the budding gangster: Concrete them a pair of new shoes, thwack them on the head with a shovel, just watch yourself around those construction sites...

Havok Sounds (11) - Kington's best (and only) recording studio for the budding musician. The target of numerous burglaries thanks to the hordes of gold discs attached to the wall, if you've any musical talent it's the quickest way to earn a buck in this town.

Clifton Cabs (12) - Run by Kington's greatest moustache, Tony Clifton, these cabs (or, more accurately, cab, seeing as the 'fleet' consists of one...) can be seen cruising the mean streets of Kington, dubbed the "yellow Roundheads of heaven". Just keep your eyes peeled for a yellow Foxhole Roundhead with a cereal box on top...

Dominguez's Pizza (13) - Located in downtown Kington and with tributary drive-thrus in both Titley and Eardisley, they pack more calories per square inch than you can shake a stick at. Their productivity is non-existent. Their workforce are a team of monkeys in aprons. Dominguez's Pizza ~ "Your pizza delivered in three days or your money back".

Swashbuckler's Diner (14) - Located in the upmarket area of Kington, this pirate-themed restaurant is the jewel in Kington's bucaneer crown. Full of barnacled-crusted waiters in sailor uniforms and lots of "Arr"-ing, as long as you've got plenty of booty, you'll be greeted with open arms. If you haven't, you'll probably be greeted a burly man with an eyepatch, a parrot and a cutlass...

E-Z Mart (15) - Kington's very own hypermarket, located on the outskirts of downtown Kington and usually populated by a mixture of screaming children or moaning pensioners. A prime spot for the budding gangster in the mood for robbing someone blind...

Tequila Sunrise (16)- Located downtown is Kington's finest Mexican-themed bar. Order a Tequila, grab some Tacos and dress up in all manner of silly sombreroes and ponchos. The most popular stag night establishment, probably merely because it isn't Jester's...

Jester's (17)- Kington's lowest-rate public house: Located at the edge of Kington's commercial district, it puts every alcohol-consumption area in this area to shame. Dirty, greasy and packing even more calories than Dominguez's Pizza (and that's just the walls), bring wellies. You'll understand why.

Inside Track Betting Shop (18) - One of Kington's best places for horse racing, especially around Kington Show time. Situated next to Cluckin' Bell Casino in Kington's commercial district, it often serves as another haven to punters who've lost big next door. The fact that they'll probably lose more in here just doesn't seem game...

SWAG Removals (20) - Located in the outskirts of Eardisley next to Ku Klux Klones and operating using warehouses in all Kington, Eardisley and Titley. Experts at hauling your possessions from one place to another, and making most of it fall off the back of the lorry somewhere in between...

Phoenix Banking Limited (21) - Kington's main bank, serving all three cities in the Kington area. With bailiffs almost as big as their interest rates, make sure you can pay off their extortionate loan rates or you could be better acquainted with their motto: "Repayment, or revenge...".

Boogie Knights(tm) Military Antiques (22) - Located on the outskirts of downtown Kington and stuffed to the gills with a whole manner of suits of armour, swords, maces and axes, it's a veritable history haven. Perfect, if you fancy holding up a bank in full-length suit of armour and on horseback...

Hunks O' Meat (23) - Located in downtown Kington, the finest buy-in-bulk butchery in the land offers hunks of meat of all shapes, sizes and and conditions, and lots of them. Some are alright, some are unfit for human consumption (for 'some', read 'most') , some (literally) fell off the back of a lorry, but when it comes to the world of low-class meat products, Hunks O' Meat provides quantity, not quality.


Ku Klux Kones (1) - Located in the outskirts of Eardisley, the Three Ks are the purveyor of the finest ices this side of Bolton. See if you can spot the KKK Van zooming around for business, a roadraged Sarahkins at the wheel, to the tune of the Pink Panther theme. Odd.

Cleveland Steamer Railroad (2) - See [Kington: 9]

The Puffer (3) - Located in downtown Eardisley next to it's reliable station, it's traditional pub with traditional sentiments. Expect lots of steam, smoke and fat controllers, it's also the meeting place for Pervy Fred's gang The Tricksters. Watch your step.

Pervy Fred's Perv Emporium (4) - Owned by none other than Trickster leader Pervy Fred, it's a local corner shop with a difference: Mainly that it's not on a corner, stocks nothing you want, and tortures you with an unwanted grope as you make your way out. If you ever get out, that is...

SWAG Removals (5) - See [Kington: 20]

Monkey Nuts Pet Shop (6) - Located in mainstreet Eardisley is Kington's most highly established mail order pet emporium. A subsidary of petsovernight.com, their motto is "Any animal, in a box, directly to your door". Pick a pig, swag a snake, or if you're lucky, go home with a gorilla... Looking for that superhero costume for your gerbil? They've got it all!

Comic Book Store (7) - Doing what it says on the tin, this is Eardisley's home to a thousand-and-one superheroes and superheroines, located on main street Titley. Like your idols to wear spandex and their pants on the outside? Head to Eardisley and check it out.

Phoenix Banking Limited (8) - See [Kington: 21]

Buns 'N' Roses (bakery and florists) Limited (9) - Located in mainstreet Eardisley, B'n'R gives you bread, and bouquets in one. Genetically attaching flowers to wheat products in a way that still baffles scientists even now, it's the place to be if pollen and/or pastries are your thing.

Fret-Ye-Not Guitar Shop (10) - Owned by Emlyn 'Goliath' Troy and run on his behalf by his right-hand man Oliver, if axes are your bag, this is your nirvana. Packed to the gills with every stringed instrument known to man, it's a musician's paradise. Head here on Saturday nights for heavy metal jam sessions in the backrom, sometimes with guest appearances from Goliath himself, if he's in town. Loud.

The Roadkill Cafe (11) - Located conveniently just off the main road into Eardisley, the premise is simple: Hit a poor, fluffy animal while on the road? Knocked down a lost moose? Splatted a badger? Well, stick it on the bonnet, make you way here, and they'll cook it for you. Their motto? "From your grille to ours...". Meh.

10 Green Bottles (12) - Located just off the main road at the other end of town, this truck-stop bar supplies most passing truckers with their first (and, judging by the amount of dead pigeons we found in the barrels, probably their last) beer in Eardisley. With grime on the walls, a spittoon, a sixties jukebox and lapdancers every Monday and Thursday, it's almost enough to want to grab a trucker's cap, chequered shirt, CB-radio and a drawl "Hey there, pardner..." in a Texas accent. Almost. But not quite...

Marko's Kebabs (13) - Packing the more fat onto a piece of meat than anyone in the whole of Kington, Marko's Kebabs, located in downtown Eardisley, ought to fill a hole. A bit like Polyfilla, but with better adhesive properties...


The Ten Camels (1) - Located in main street Titley, The Camels is widely regarded as the most upmarket Egypt-based drinking/eating location in the whole of the Kington location, with customers with expensive tastes and expensive wallets to match. Ripe for the picking, then.

Blacksheep Farm (2) - Owned by Harry Shearer, this 100-acre piece of farmland is situated on the outskirts of Titley, and finds regular business from nefarious characters willing to buy the homemade moonshine produced there, which is off-loaded by tanker every Wednesday, at 2:00 prompt, toward Kington. Ripe for the nicking, yes?

SWAG Removals (3) - See [Kington: 20]

Titley Trading Estate (4) - Located just off main street Titley, this complex has been derelict for yours, and long forgotten by almost everyone. Everyone bar a few individuals who make millions smuggling coffee out of and into the country from its one remaining intact warehouse. You want in? Follow your nose.

Phoenix Banking Limited (5) - See [Kington: 21]

E-Z Mini Mart (6) - Titley's 'corner' shop, a subsidary of Kington's hypermarket with an attached Post Office, but no less cutthroat at the tills - When there's an old lady wielding a wobbly trolley and a pension slip, you don't wanna mess, trust me. From experience. Gulp.

The Red Herring (7) - Providing the finest fish&chips in all of Kington, the Herring serves as the main cause of the vinegar-dependency epidemic currently sweeping Titley, and rumoured to be a major underground, illegitimate, coffee distributor. Once known to have used instant espresso instead of salt on someone's chips, thanks to one sloppy attendant picking up the wrong jar, if you need a quick fix, here's your hangout.

Snip-Happy Hairdressers (8) - Located in mainstreet Titley and providing the cheapest hair-cutting service in Kington, if you're looking for a quick trim, don't want a huge bill and don't mind it being done by a one-armed Parkinson's sufferer, it's the place to be.

Moonbeam Autos (9) - Cementing Titley's reputation as a, quote, "upmarket traditional coutry village," (though referred to by almost everyone else as a "dump"), is Moonbeam's executive car showroom. Stocking everything from sports coupes (Atari Banshee) to superbikes (NRG-250) to the Fjord Super-Thunder Patrol-Meister, if you want a ride to impress, come here.

[The Missions:]

[Jackable Rides:]

#Fjord# - The main motoring company in the country, with almost a third share of the market, thanks to both cunning marketing ploys and industrial sabotage. While most of their designs are sleek, fast and stylish, the cars tend to be unreliable and jerky, due partly to the recent firing of all their employees, hiring of three-hundred Albanian innumerate, non-English-speaking epileptics and complete overhaul of their lighting system, replacing it with a mixture of candles and strobes. If you're looking for a fast getaway then they certainly look the part. Just don't expect the 'fast' bit to come into play when you put the pedal to the metal...


Fjord Mundial (5-door executive hatchback. Classy, but not too flash.)
Fjord Syphillis (2-door city car. Great for beetling around town, poor for anything else.)
Fjord Bovine (Transit van. Enough said, really.)
Fjord Spunk (Sporty convertible. Flashy, but still a poor man's Banshee.)
Fjord Plunder (4-door saloon. The ultimate middle-class school-run motor.)
Fjord Super-Thunder Patrol-Meister (4x4 massive-bull-barred off-roader. Lethal, even at low speeds.)

#Foxhole# - The second most popular marque in the country, but also the most boring, and known to induce vomiting. While their autos are usually reliable and have some decent machinery under the bonnet, they just suffer from a lack of...well,imagination. Blocky, conservative and typically rusty, they're perfect for a middle-class old-age couple for a country drive on a Sunday evening - Not great for a fast-rising gangster cruising the mean streets, you understand. It's been said that Foxhole drivers will sometimes brake fast, get out, and force a pedestrian at gunpoint to take the car away from them, and run off screaming into the sunset. I don't blame them...


Foxhole Nerva (2-door chav's favourite. Rustbucket.)
Foxhole Vermin (5-door 'executive' saloon. Does the job, just not spectacularly.)
Foxhole Roundhead (4-door hatchback. Frighteningly average.)
Foxhole Raider (4x4 jeep. A decent off-roader, but only mildly exciting.)

#Atari# - Every Kingtonian driver's dream. Producing sporty, flashy, exciting, fast, babe-magnetic cars at extortionate prices, they're the most highly sought-after motors in the country. Great for a top-down drive with wind whipping through your hair down a country lane, if you need a car to outrun the local constabulary (though, looking at their record with criminal pursuits, you could probably outrun them on a child's trike tied to a lamp-post with a puncture and a wheel missing). Not at all inconspicuous, as a driver of one of these babies you'll turn heads wherever you go. Though if you're heading into slightly salubrious areas then that's not always a good thing...

Models -

Atari Banshee (2-door convertible. Faster than a cheetah, it's the ultimate speed machine.)
Atari Buccaneer (4-door sports guzzler. With a huge V8 engine and four exhausts, it's an environmentalists' worst nightmare.)
Atari Coupe (Small 2-door sports hatchback. Your budget not stretch to a Banshee? Try this for size.)

#Other Vehicles# -

Chugger (Gas guzzling articulated lorry. Big, heavy and king of the road. Trucker's favourite. Also comes in 'tanker' version.)
PMS-4000 (High-end, high-speed superbike. Flashy, and cause of more deaths on the road than any other vehicle.)
NRG-250 (Low-end superbike. Looks the part, but not quite as fast as the PMS.)
Preston (A pick-up truck. Pretty self-explanatory.)
Ewok (Mid-sized people carrier. Distinct smell of fur.)
Wookiee (Larger people carrier. Even worse smell of fur.)
Volta (Hard-top two-seater sports guzzler. Nippy little number.)
Skorpion (Classic 60's saloon. Best driven wearing a flat cap and driving gloves.)
Conemaster (Ice-cream wagon. Creamy, with a hint of vanilla.)
Learjet (Small private aircraft. Does what it says on the tin.)
Bi-Plane (Small two-seated aircraft. Prone to strong winds.)
BMX (Child's bicycle. Stunt vehicle for the masses.)
Chopper (Child's bicycle. One for the geeks.)
Havilland (Stretched limosuine. Smooth, cool and definitely the most eye- (and stomach- ) turning car in town.)

[Radio Stations:]

~ W-A-N-K FM ("Coming in your ears") #80's Pop#
Hosted by: Jazzy Redman


Duran Duran - Girls On Film
New Order - Blue Monday
Blondie - Atomic
Madness - House Of Fun
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
The Specials - Ghost Town
A-Ha - Take On Me
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Soft Cell - Tainted Love

~ Master Tunes 85.4 #Bubblegum Pop#
Hosted by: Paul Murray


Busted - Glad I Crashed The Wedding
Outkast - Hey Ya!
Britney Spears - Toxic
Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River
Robbie Williams - Feel
Westlife - Flying Without Wings
Kyle Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
S Club 7 - Reach For The Stars
Dido - White Flag
Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl
Avril Lavigne - Complicated
Liberty X - Just A Little
Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle

~ AlTerNAtiVE #Indie, Rock, Grunge#

Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama Out
Queens Of The Stone Age - Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
Razorlight - Girl With The Golden Touch
Snow Patrol - Chocolate
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Stereophonics - Thousand Trees
Muse - Hysteria
Kings Of Leon - The Bucket
Nirvana - Come As You Are
The Cure - Lovecats
The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba
Guns 'N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

~ Radio: x #Modern Punk#
Hosted by: Simon 'Havok' Armstrong


Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
Green Day - Basket Case
Less Than Jake - Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
AFI - Days Of The Phoenix
Funeral For A Friend - Rookie Of The Year
NOFX - Dinosaurs Will Die
Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid
Pulley - The Ocean Song
Amen - Coma America
Rancid - Radio
Saves The Day - At Your Funeral
Capdown - Ska Wars

~ K-Metal ("If it ain't loud, it ain't here") #Heavy Metal#
Hosted by: Emlyn 'Goliath' Troy


Slayer - Raining Blood
Machine Head - Davidian
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Anthrax - Mad House
Metallica - Battery
Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast
Slipknot - Duality
Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
System Of A Down - Sugar
Pantera - Walk
Camp Kill Yourself - 96 Quite Bitter Beings

~ Flares FM #70's Rock#
Hosted by: Jimmy Halford


Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You Got It)
Queen - Killer Queen
The Clash - London Calling
Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
T-Rex - 20th Century Boy
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar
Hawkwind - Silver Machine
The Undertones - Teenage Kicks

~ Mixes 35.6 #Hip-Hip, Rap and Urban#
Hosted by: MC Geordie


50 Cent - In Da Club
Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
Hot In Herre - Nelly
2-Pac Feat. Dr Dre - California Love
Wu Tang Clan - Gravel Pit
Outkast - Ms. Jackson
N.W.A - F**k Tha Police
Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharell - Beautiful
Run DMC Feat. Aerosmith - Walk This Way
Nas - Made You Look
Big Brovaz - OK
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

~ Hillbilly 20-20 #Country and Bluegrass#
Hosted by: Willie K


Dolly Parton - Jolene
Hayseed Dixie - Highway To Hell

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